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Web Design London, An SEO Case Study.

A couple of years ago we set about improving our search engine rankings in order to generate new customer enquiries. After researching suitable keywords we decided upon the primary phase ‘web design London’.

Our target was simple, to get onto the first page of and for our chosen phrase. No small feat considering currently has 118,000,000 results for that ‘broad match’ search term.

Within six months we achieved our goal, increased new business enquiries by 560% and reaped the rewards. Two years later with a lack of focus and ongoing commitment to SEO we started to see our hard work disappear.

Three months ago we actively set about rectifying the problem so that we could head back to the glory days. We already had the back links, site structure and page rank. What we didn’t have was a buzzing social network strategy and decent content. A focus on this soon bought about the changes sought.

Current rankings (as of the date of this post):

  • – page 1, position 3
  • – page 1, position 3
  • – page 1, position 1

Online promotion and marketing agencies sometimes put a heavy focus on back-links and page rank. Without doubt these two elements are important but with recent updates to search engine algorithms there are other important aspects to consider. Make sure you consider broader picture and cover all bases when defining your SEO strategy.

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