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It was a great privileged to be awarded the new contract for the European Union Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) recently. Visiting the Naval base and signing the deal with the Operations Commander was a great experience, I really felt like I was in a James Bond film. The Forces of Operation Atalanta deter, prevent and repress acts of piracy and armed robbery off the Somali coast. So it's a very serious business and it was an absolute pleasure working with the media team at EU NAVFOR. One of my favourite contributions that we made to this project was providing the team with a brilliant new dynamic Key Facts & Figures tool.

EU Naval Force protects vessels of the World Food Programme (WFP) delivering aid to displaced persons in Somalia and the protection of African Union Mission on Somalia (AMISOM) shipping. EU NAVFOR Operation ATALANTA was launched on 8 December 2008 and is conducted in accordance with United Nations Security Council’s resolutions. The Operation has been extended by the European Council until December 2014.


“The European Union Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) counter-piracy mission – Operation Atalanta is a key element of the EU’s Comprehensive Approach to bring about a stable and prosperous Somalia.    

The Operational Headquarters for EU NAVFOR based in Northwood, London, UK is the first source of information for over 27 Member States who contribute to the counter piracy mission.  It is also a key source of information for the Maritime Shipping Industry who transit the Horn of Africa, together with the International Media, who view EU NAVFOR as a trusted and reliable source of information.  

Information provided by EU NAVFOR impacts not only Member States decision makers, but also the perceptions of piracy held by the International Media and those with an interest in countering piracy off the coast of Somalia.  

With the increasing demands for 24 hour news, including Social Media, information has to be provided by EU NAVFOR to the public in an accurate, timely manner.  The Netdreams team were given a comprehensive set of requirements to meet our communications challenges and they did not at any time disappoint.  With an abundance of IT acumen and flair, the Netdreams team listened and perfectly understood the broad list of requirements - they then delivered them in a creative, clear and user friendly way. 

The EU NAVFOR website has already attracted a number of positive comments from the EU NAVFOR Command Group and Member State officers alike.   Ever reliable, and approachable, the Netdreams team have proven to be the right IT partners.   The EU NAVFOR Operational Headquarters are happy to recommend Netdreams to other governmental or military operations.”

Lt Cdr Jacqueline Sherriff MBE Royal Navy

EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) Spokesperson


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Remote Goat is a fresh beautiful project portal, where clients can post projects and find the right designers for the job. The site has a wealth of features and functionalities. All goats (oops, users) can work on projects in real time, have a profile with status updates, engage in live chat, brainstorm centres, showcases and share in technical tips and tricks. Goats just need to own equipment and have a broadband connection – easy!

Designer goats can promote their talent and interact with agencies and companies with no middle person, saving valuable time, money and resources. Companies and agencies get a pool of creative resource for less money, at short notice and can adapt their head count dependent on the project. The ‘studio’ will be open all hours, around the clock.

It’s a social experience for all - a way of interacting with peers, promoting and showing off talents on a platform with an infinite stream of ideas and being apart of the creative community!


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Tactical Sales Training has been a great project to be involved in and if you are after one of the top sales training courses in the UK you need to get in touch with them. Our involvement in this project has included the brand and logo design, web site design and development, a funky introductory video and last but not least the task of getting Tactical Sales Training top of for the phrase Sales Training Courses.





We are really proud to be the web design agency to announce the launch of Magic Loans. This has got to be one of my most favourite corporate brochure sites that we have done recently. From branding through to site design and basic CMS to the stickman mascot, we have enjoyed working with our client to create this site.



If you are keen to know exactly what Magic Loans do, they provide their clients with the very best choice of financial solutions in the market place. Their Services and Products include: Unsecured Loans, Secured Loans, Debt management and IVA’s, Financial Claims and Mortgages. As a creative, that goes right over my non-financial brain, but you might know what it means LOL.

If I was to sum up this site, the logo, colours and illustrations just give the site a world class presentation.







Web Design SEO Video Reel

We are currently busy working on a new Video Reel promoting our web design and SEO services. With the uptake of cheap and readily available broadband, video is becoming a more acceptable standard on the web. Stay tuned...


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