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We have assembled a fantastic team of creative web designers, front-end coders, back-end developers and app developers that combine to deliver the best possible results for your digital project. We are busy illustrating our new profile images, and will update this section again soon...

Michael Macneil

Creative Director

Legend tells of a legendary creative, whose creative skills were the stuff of legend...

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Darren Chowles

Lead Developer

One of the best developers in the UK. He says 'as well' all the time. 

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Brett Doyle

Backend & Three.JS Developer

Ridiculously talented developer. AKA The Mage or Gandalf.

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Liam Huse

Senior Designer

Grumpy but loveable, that's Liam.

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Konrad Kluźniak

Frontend & App Developer

No task is too big for Konrad, cool as a cucumber is our Konrad.

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Neil Kilgallon

Company Director

Neil says 'look mate', a lot!

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Artur Kuliński

Front End Developer

The most chilled stressed out developer I know.

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Gavin Kilgallon


Recently gavin has grown the most epic beard known to mankind.

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George Sabev

Senior Designer

Bundles of enthusiams, which George shares around.

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Marco Coelho

Designer & Blender Addict

Marco is often burdened with the worst ovbious joke in the world...

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Eden Oldham


Draws more than anyone I know.

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