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Many elements combine in order to create a successful eCommerce platform for your clients. Brand positioning, UI, UX are essential design elements for a seamless, intuitive shopping cart and checkout process that is required to ensure you maximise potential sales. Get this wrong and you’ll frustrate customers and send them to your competition. Here we will provide an overview of how we approach eCommerce web design and development, what's important and the choices available to you.

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A mobile first approach to eCommerce web design

At ID Studio we operate a mobile-first, always approach to planning and design. It considers the mobile user at every level. From product search to the checkout process, we make the mobile experience native and intuitive.

Ordering via a phone can be a painful experience at the best of times. Allowing users to register using their Google or Facebook profiles can help alleviate having to fill our tedious registration forms. One-click purchasing, using digital wallets removes the need to hunt around for a credit card and then enter all your information. Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal One-Touch and Visa Checkout are just a handful of services that allow visitors to your eCommerce website to check out and pay with minimal fuss.

eCommerce cart abandonment rates have been rising year on year. In order to keep this worrying statistic down, you need to ensure your eCommerce checkout process is as simple as possible, especially for mobile users.

Google puts so much importance on mobile that they now only index the mobile version of your website.

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Personalised eCommerce experience for individual users

Traditionally, eCommerce websites used generic upselling and related products to generate additional sales. Whilst useful, the practice treated all visitors to your eCommerce store the same and assumed they had similar buying interests. ID Studio modernises eCommerce development to display personalised product recommendations based on the individual customer’s own unique reactions at different data points. These data points typically include:

  • Search Queries: Recommend products based on what a customer has previously been searching for
  • Purchase History: Recommend products based on a customer’s past purchases
  • Customer Segments: Use purchase histories of customers with similar demographics to recommend related products
  • Shopping Cart: Recommend products based on the current contents of a customer’s cart or wishlist
  • Social Behavior: Recommend products based on product rating, shares and likes
  • Geographic Location (also known as localisation): Suggest relevant products based on local and regional considerations

By creating a smart eCommerce system and building a picture of each customer, we can look to more accurately match products that individuals are more likely to be interested in and purchase.

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The right eCommerce platform for your users

Many web design agencies exclusively use one eCommerce platform. At ID Studio, we do not believe in the one shoe fits all philosophy. By understanding your core objectives, need for growth, back-office and customer engagement needs we can recommend a platform that will meet your requirements now and in the future.

We're just as happy working with Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento as we are building a bespoke enterprise eCommerce solution specific to your exact requirements. By choosing the right eCommerce platform from the start, you can save a lot of headaches further down the track.

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