By Michael Macneil on Wednesday, 15 November 2023

Croud is a full-service digital agency that helps businesses drive sustainable growth. They have worked with internationally recognised brands like Prime Video, The Noth Face, Hoka and Vans.

Their services include strategy and planning, media, organic performance, strategic analytics, strategic consulting and technology partnerships.

Website Overview

Croud had an outdated WordPress installation they found difficult to manage and update. It restricted them, making it difficult to put new content live fast. They were looking to develop a new platform that would give them more freedom and flexibility with the day-to-day management and upkeep of their website. After a tender process, Croud awarded ID Studio the contract to redesign and develop its website and the CMS that would power it.

  • Creative online digital exploration
  • Objective-driven design goals defined during planning and strategy meetings
  • Creative code concepts
  • Responsive, mobile and tablet-friendly framework
  • Core objective-driven development
  • Clean, highly flexible modular CMS

Content Management System

Although the Croud team was already familiar with WordPress, we made the decision to transition the new site to ProcessWire. The primary reason for this choice was the exceptional flexibility that ProcessWire offers regarding page building. With the ability to combine previously created modules in any way, Croud gains immense flexibility in defining and creating various page designs and landing pages to suit their specific needs.

  • ProcessWire marketing content management system
  • Flexible module design and development platform
  • Cloudflare integration