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We had the privilege to work for Buro Happold, who are a world-class global practice of engineers, consultants and advisers. Providing the platform for the Development Standards Framework for the Hamad Medical City. ID Studio provided:

  • Brand exploration
  • Core objective driven┬ádesign
  • Extensive planning session across many weeks
  • Careful UI/UX prototyping, Figma
  • Responsive, mobile and tablet friendly
  • Core objective driven development
  • Clean, highly flexible, and intuitive modular Laravel CMS
  • Helpful tools developed within the CMS to assist content editors handling migrated content cleaning
  • Data block unique IDs to ensure audit trail of documentation updates (legal requirement)
  • Azure Hosting & Blob Storage + SSO
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Strong encryption
  • Audit logs & covering the principles in the OWASP Top 10

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