Listening Books

Monday, 11 March 2024

Listening Books is a charity that provides a postal (using MP3 CDs) as well as internet-based (streaming) audiobook service to over 60,000 members in the UK who find that an illness, physical or learning disability or mental health condition impacts their ability to read or hold books. Listening Books approached ID Studio to develop a brand-new system from scratch that would consolidate its fragmented member and library management systems.

Website Overview

  • Brand exploration
  • Core objective-driven design
  • UI/UX planning and design
  • Responsive, mobile and tablet friendly
  • Core objective-driven development
  • Clean, highly flexible modular Laravel CMS
  • Complex data migration from fragmented legacy systems
  • Over 1 million records were processed... 
  • And migrated by our bespoke migration scripts
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) + S3 & RDS
  • TLS certificate, multi-factor authentication
  • Strong encryption
  • Audit logs & covering the principles in the OWASP Top 10
  • Rigorous 3rd party penetration test & load testing
Listening Books

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