Product Madness

By Michael Macneil on Wednesday, 2 November 2022

ID Studio helped global games company Product Madness refresh its marketing website. They are Mad about games and bringing people together. It is this passion that forms the foundation of the Madness culture and brings together their global team. A vortex of energy, they are always improving, innovating, and never settling for boring. We wholeheartedly embraced this ethos while working on their brand and website, ensuring their vision was brought to life.

Website Overview

The previous website appeared outdated and failed to align with the brand, featuring outdated content. ID Studio collaborated with Product Madness's talented in-house marketing team to revitalise the brand and provide a concept-driven marketing showcase website.

  • Brand & creative concept exploration
  • Global studio murals
  • Extensive illustration & brand art
  • Planning, strategy and objective-driven design
  • Marketing website redesign
  • Responsive web design & development
  • Core goal-driven development
  • Three.JS & canvas development
  • Clean, highly flexible, modular ProcessWire CMS

ProcessWire Content Management System

At ID Studio, we love flexibility., so we chose ProcessWire as the content management system. With the expertise of our web development team, ProcessWire is the perfect fit for marketing websites. It allows you to effortlessly create new content using any combination of the beautifully designed modules. The Product Madness marketing team can now generate captivating 3D Vortexes and easily incorporate new artwork and illustrations using the CMS.

  • ProcessWire content management system
  • Generate new content using any combination of modules
  • 3D vortex generation
Product Madness

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