By Michael Macneil on Wednesday, 25 October 2023

SCEND has built its brand with a primary focus on its clients. Their relentless commitment to innovation in the eCommerce space creates an environment that fosters success for their clients. Their ultimate objective is to support the growth of the world's leading brands. With expertise in eCommerce fulfilment and supply chain management, they are the go-to specialists in their field. It was a great fit to partner with ID Studio, a web design agency with considerable eCommerce development expertise.

Website Overview

SCEND required a complete rebrand and worked internally to decide the initial logo direction. ID Studio then completed the full rebrand and creative landscape. This process included logo and brand exploration, strategy and planning and the design of the marketing website.

  • Brand exploration & creative landscape
  • Illustration SVG animation
  • Three.JS & Canvas concept development
  • Core objective-driven design defined during the planning phase of the project
  • Responsive, mobile and tablet-friendly design
  • Objective-driven, goal-defined development

ProcessWire Content Management System

The website uses a completely flexible content management system. We used ProcessWire CMS for the marketing website, which allows SCEND to create new content using any combination of designed modules.

  • ProcessWire modular CMS
  • Module CMS for maximum design layout flexibility
  • CRM Integration

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