How to get listed on Google Local

How to get listed on Google Local

Friday, 1 September 2017

Let’s start with the basics, what is Google Local? Google Local is a free service provided by Google, allowing businesses to better engage with potential customers in their local area. It also allows local residents to discover local businesses, as well as review and rate their services. An example search could be for ‘Italian restaurant in Richmond’. You’ll see in the screen shot below that three local Italian Restaurants have been displayed. These listing follow a set format with reviews clearly visible. If you were to click on one of the restaurants it would then display additional information about that business.


Google Local is not just beneficial to small local businesses where a lot of its business will come from the surrounding area.  Global Corporations such as McDonalds, will benefit from having their nearest outlet presented. The benefits of having your business listed on Google Local include:

  • Google Local is usually listed at the top of search results so will be the first thing people see. Traffic to your site will increase, likely significantly.
  • Google Local on a mobile phone gives people an easy way to call your business or get navigation directions.
  • Ratings gives users’ confidence in your business. Trust increases the likelihood that they will become a client.
  • Users will often be local to your business, giving you a distinct advantage over businesses that are further afield.

The sum of all these benefits is increased exposure and traffic to your site.


  • Make sure that the information you submit is accurate and relevant to your business. You can verify your business location on Google Places.
  • Make sure that the keywords you use consider and cater for local searches (do not manipulate Google SEO guidelines).
  • Make sure there are no duplicate listings that could harm your SEO.
  • Encourage reviews, ask customers to complete a review on Google, send an email with links to your past and present customers.
  • Keep your listing updated.

Google Local by nature is inherently linked to your web site and the information Google has gathered from it. Google puts substantial importance on your web sites ability to render correctly on mobile devices. Since April 2015 if your web site is not mobile friendly (responsive) it will likely appear less often on all search results, including Google Local. Internet Dreams Studio can help ensure you have a mobile compatible web site.

Once people arrive on your web site it’s important that their expectations are met as this could be their first impression of your business. A well designed, structured and intuitive web site with relevant and engaging content will help convert those visitors into potential clients.

The above information is a guide helping you achieve success with Google Local.  There are numerous other factors to take into consideration in addition to those above.  ID Studio Web Agency has a lot of experience and success in all aspects of digital strategy and marketing. If you would like additional information on any of the above please contact us to arrange an informal meeting or phone call.

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