Long tail keyword strategy

Long tail keyword strategy

Friday, 1 September 2017

What are long tail keywords and why are they an essential part of your SEO strategy. Long tail keywords are less common but highly specific phrases that describe whatever product of service you are selling. Whilst they will not deliver the deluge of traffic shorter, more generic keywords will deliver they are far more likely to convert into a positive action; whether that be a sale, signup, subscription etc.

Research has shown that consumers will generally use short generic search terms when evaluating a purchase decision. A classic example of this would be someone looking to travel to Australia but not sure where to stay and who to fly with. Initially they may search for ‘Australia’, ‘Cities in Australia’, ‘Flights to Australia’, ‘Hotels in Australia’.  If you had a small hotel in Perth it would be great to come up at the top of Google for ‘Hotels in Australia’ but you would be competing with the likes of Hotels.com, Trip Advisor, Wotif.com, Lastminute.com etc. You would need an advertising budget of a small country and 99.9% of visitors to your site would have no interest in booking your hotel. So your marketing budget flies out the window and your conversion rate of visitors to bookings is miniscule.

That’s where long tail keyword strategy comes in. They allow you to target longer phrases that are more specific to what it is you are offering. In this example you could target phrases like ‘boutique hotel in Perth city’, ‘city centre hotel in Perth Australia’, ‘accommodation in Perth with river views’. Whilst these search terms will not generate a mountain of traffic, people who search for them and arrive on your site are far more likely to make a booking.

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