Laravel is a PHP framework that was developed by Taylor Otwell and first released in 2011. Since then, it’s become one of the most popular PHP frameworks in use today. It powers websites for anything from small businesses to applications for large organisations like Twitch, Warner Bros., and Disney.

Why We Use Laravel

We believe in using the right tool for the right job. For our more bespoke projects, Laravel is our preferred framework. It affords us enterprise level flexibility and scalability, backed by a vibrant open-source community and vast ecosystem of official packages and services.

We’ve been using Laravel since 2014, and all our developers are Laravel and Security+ certified.

Here are some reasons we love Laravel:

  • Most security features come standard (see our article on how we use Laravel to protect against the OWASP Top 10 security risks).
  • Ideal for bespoke tailored systems.
  • Rapid development compared to similar frameworks as a result of its modular design.
  • Scalable up to millions of requests.
  • Very active and helpful community.
  • Part of a large ecosystem of interconnecting packages and services.

Laravel As A Long-Term Solution

When we develop Laravel projects, we stick to standards like PSR-12 and run our codebase through services and tools like StyleCI, Snyk and PHPStan. This makes for a clean, secure, maintainable codebase that can be picked up by another developer or team.

We know we won’t be your dev team forever. The standards we adhere to means if the codebase is moved in-house to your own team, they’ll be able to pick it up without any issues.

Case Studies

We’ve used Laravel for everything from banks and fintech start-ups, audiobook libraries and record labels, to well-established Fortune Global 500 companies.

A few of our case studies include:

  • Digme Fitness – an amazing start-up that started with one studio and quickly expanded to multiple studios across London. We developed a bespoke system to manage bookings, instructors, a fully gamified rewards system, and an in-studio check-in system. We also integrated with various APIs and developed an iOS app. A few years later, we transitioned the applications to their in-house team.
  • DHL Festiv-ALL – we developed a 25-language interactive competition platform for the global DHL staff. The platform boasted a multiple phase rollout allowing the event to move into four key phases of the competition from registration to submissions, to finalists and finally announcing the winners before a live streamed closing ceremony.
  • Listening Books – a brilliant audiobook lending charity for those that find their illness, mental health, physical or learning disability affects their ability to read the printed word or hold a book. We migrated millions of records from an old, fragmented system into a robust library management system serving thousands of members who borrow CDs or stream audiobooks online.

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